The Kaliseum has two pools, a lap pool and a leisure pool which is equipped with a slide and water fountains. The lap pool is a four lane 25 yard pool, 3'6" to 5 feet deep. The leisure pool is 0-3 feet deep; features spa jets, rain umbrella, play fountains, and a waterslide.


  • Lap Swim - Lap Pool is separated by lane lines and is open for swimmers wanting to exercise.
  • Open Swim - Both pools open including the water slide for your enjoyment.
  • Family Swim - Family Swim is a swim for the whole family to come and swim and have an all around wonderful time. Family discount rates apply.
  • Senior Fitness - A class for those who have arthritis to help maintain range of motion and functional skills.
  • Aqua Fitness - Stretching, cardio and muscular conditioning.
  • Deep Water Aerobics - A full range of motion movements and aerobics in the deep water.
  • Senior Swim - During this time half of the pool is available for patrons to exercise and lap swim at their own pace. Not instructed.